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A correct initial operation of the sensors ensures a secure process and the quality of manufactured products. Hamilton offers on-site support for installation, initial operation and calibration. Operating instructions ensure that calibrations are reproducible at any time. Upon request Hamilton supports complete installation of the sensors in a process control system.


  • Save resources with Hamilton
  • Save time with a seamless start-up
  • Installation and initial operation by experienced service engineers
  • Correct configurations of the sensors and transmitters
  • Supply of certified measuring and testing equipment (e.g. nitrogen gas, temperature sensor, multimeter, pH buffers, conductivity standards)
  • Traceable calibration solutions
  • Documentation of work with service report and complete calibration certificates
  • Training of the operating personnel and information about future maintenance cycles

Configurable Service Options

Service packages offer the following options:

  • Sensor Types: DO, pH, Cell Density, Conductivity
  • Sensor Options: Arc or Standard
  • Service Types:
    • IQ/OQ
    • Maintenance / Calibration
    • Training (Half-day)
    • Repair BZ/SUB
    • Initial Operation
    • Service Contract
    • Service work rate per hour
    • Service work rate per day
  • Travels:
    • No travel
    • With travel (not for repair BZ/SUB and Service Contract)

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