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Hamilton process sensors are well known for high quality, long life, unique features, and competitive pricing. In order to meet these rigorous requirements, we are constantly striving to find new ways to design our sensors. As a result of the extensive work by our research and development department, Hamilton is able to offer outstanding solutions for pH, dissolved oxygen, cell density, conductivity and ORP monitoring.

pH and ORP

Learn more about the extensive offering of Hamilton pH probes and ORP probes for bioprocesses and other industries. If you are looking for pH and ORP sensors, click to see the wide offering from Hamilton Company.

Dissolved Oxygen

From optical to polarographic oxygen sensors Hamilton products offer multiple technologies to measure dissolved oxygen from trace to saturation.
Portable dissolved oxygen meter

Portable Dissolved Oxygen

A portable system for DO measurement in food and beverage applications

Cell Density

Online cell density measurement has revolutionized the monitoring and control of cell culture applications.


Conductivity measurement provides the level of dissolved salts, acids and base in a liquid. Hamilton offers multiple sensor designs for UPW, CIP systems, bio-pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.

Dissolved Carbon Dioxide (DCO₂) Sensors

New research shows that active control of dissolved CO₂ in bioproduction increases product yield and improves consistency of process scale-up and scale-down. Traditional electrochemical sensors indirectly measure DCO₂ , are maintenance intensive, and are prone to measurement drift. CO₂NTROL is a Solid State Sensor that directly measures DCO₂ and provides maintenance free, real-time, and in-line control of this new critical process parameter.


Hamilton's knowledge base provides a range of explanatory articles, frequently asked questions, and document downloads.
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    Innovative solutions for process analytics in biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Brochure - Arc Intelligent Sensors

    Arc Intelligent sensors offer a new way to connect to your process control system.
  • Brochure - Incyte Arc

    Incyte Arc sensors provide a means for directly measuring viable cell density in real-time, meeting the increasing need for PAT in the biopharmaceutical industry.
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