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Compact Design, Inert Fluid Path

Hamilton Modular Valve Positioners are self-contained, bidirectional valve positioners used for fluid selection and redirection. There are two models to choose from, a standard or high torque valve positioner. Both models offer valves with several standard fluid paths. A built-in indicator and DC stepper motor with encoder ensure accurate valve port alignment and location for optimum fluid delivery.

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  • MVP/4

    Part # / Ref # Description
    94747-01 MVP/4 Standard
    94747-02 MVP/4 High Torque
  • MVP/4 Valves

    Part # / Ref # Description
    97464-01 "Y" Ceramic, HVC, MVP/4 Valve
    97465-01 "Y" PTFE, HV, MVP/4 Valve
    97466-01 3-3 PTFE, HV, MVP/4 Valve
    97467-01 3-3 Ceramic, HVC, MVP/4 Valve
    97468-01 3-5 Ceramic, HVC, MVP/4 Valve
    97469-01 4-2 Ceramic, HVC, MVP/4 Valve
    97470-01 4-5 Ceramic, HVCX, MVP/4 Valve
    97471-01 6-5 Ceramic, HVCX, MVP/4 Valve
    97472-01 8-5 Ceramic, HVCX, MVP/4 Valve
    98642-01 4-4 PTFE, HV, MVP/4 Valve
    98643-01 6-6 PTFE, HVX, MVP/4 Valve
    99899-01 3-2 Hamaflon, HV, MVP Valve
    99900-01 3-5 Hamaflon, HV, MVP Valve
    99901-01 4-5 Hamaflon, HV, MVP Valve
    99902-01 3-3 Hamaflon, HV, MVP Valve
    99903-01 4-2 Hamaflon, HV, MVP Valve
    99904-01 6-5 Hamaflon, HV, MVP Valve
    99906-01 4-4 Hamaflon, HV, MVP Valve
    99907-01 6-6 Hamaflon, HV, MVP Valve
  • MVP/4 Starter Kit

    Part # / Ref # Description
    57025-01 Demo Communication Cable for PSD/4, MVP/4 and PSD/6
    64316-04 Starter Kit for the PSD/4, MVP/4 and PSD/6

Valve Positioner Specifications

MVP/4 Type
Size = D X H X W
Valve Torque Capability
(in oz)
52.5 / 115.2
5.49 X 3.41 X 1.75
High Torque
52.5 / 115.2
5.49 X 3.41 X 1.75

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