All Hamilton instrument syringes are either 1700 or 1000 series Gastight® syringes with a polymer plunger tip that creates a leak-free seal. Traditionally the tip is made from PTFE or UHMWPE but other materials can be used for select applications.

Instrument Syringe Options

Hamilton has pioneered a variety of proven termination, plunger tip, and plunger attachment designs. They are utilized in off the shelf syringes or can be combined in new ways to create a customized solution to meet the needs of any application.

Syringe Types

Syringe 5495 50


Half-height syringes have a 30 mm stroke length from full to empty.
Syringe 81520


Full-height syringes have a 60 mm stroke length from full to empty.
Syringe 8300 45


Longlife syringes are available in full and half-height and utilize a 316 stainless steel plunger and UHMWPE plunger tips.

Syringe Terminations

PTFE Luer Lock (TLL)

This termination has a PTFE, male Luer taper with nickel plated brass locking hub and is the standard termination for Hamilton syringe pumps.

Bubble Free Prime (BFP)

This syringe terminations has 5/16 threads and features a conical plunger tip that extends through the termination to minimize dead volume. termination. The resulting syringe is quicker to prime and flush during washes or solvent changes.

ChemSeal (C)

The ChemSeal termination features a ¼"-28 UNF male fitting.

AccuDil (AD)

These syringes have an axial fine thread M8 x 0.75.

Plunger Styles

X-Style Plunger

This plunger design has a 6-32 threaded hole for attaching the plunger to a syringe drive. For 1 mL syringes and above the hole is machined into the plunger rod. For 500 µL syringes and smaller a plunger stop with a threaded hole is added to the plunger rod. The plunger stop protects the delicate plunger wire by stopping the pump at the zero line before damaging the tip.

XB-Style Plunger

This plunger design has a 6-32 threaded hole for attaching the plunger to a syringe drive It also features a back bushing to increase plunger tip life by maintaining proper plunger alignment, and reducing the particles generated from contact between the plunger and the glass.

XL-Style Plunger

This plunger is used on the PSD/8 syringe pump. It features a side-post attachment and a plunger stop to limit damage to the plunger tip.
Syringe Custom Built

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