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What is the Microlab 600?

The Microlab 600 is a modular syringe pump built for liquid handling tasks when the job is too much for a syringe or pipette, but not enough to justify full liquid handling robots.

Unmatched Accuracy and Precision

The Microlab 600 offers accuracy and precision that outperforms class A glassware while utilizing a graphical user interface designed to quickly and easily dilute and dispense liquids.

Where is the Microlab 600 used?

Every laboratory has tasks that are too small to automate and too large to reliably accomplish by hand. The Microlab 600 is a semi-automated liquid handler designed specifically for these "in-between" applications. The Microlab 600 increases throughput and consistency while reducing cost and wasted reagent.

Easy to Order

Ordering a Microlab 600 is as easy as selecting the diluter/dispenser below. Every diluter/dispenser comes with everything needed to get started. All Microlab 600 orders come with the syringe volumes of your choice included in the purchase.

Ml615 Diluter

Diluter Configurations

The Microlab 600's Dual Syringe Diluter configuration uses two syringes to create up to a 1:50,000 dilutions in a single step, drastically reducing preparation time and wasted reagent. The diluent washes the tubing between each sample, minimizing carryover.
Ml600 Dispensers

Dispenser Configurations

There are three different dispenser models available from the Microlab 600 family. Each dispenser is based on a positive displacement system that provides better than 99% accuracy, independent of a liquid’s viscosity, vapor pressure and temperature.
Single And Dual Stand Alone Pump

Stand Alone Syringe Pumps

The Microlab 600 is available as a standalone pump with single and dual syringe configurations. The standalone pump offers two communication capabilities—Ethernet and RS-232.
Ml600 Accessories

Parts & Accessories

The Microlab 600 has a wide array of customization options and replacements parts.

Streamline Sample and Standards Prep With a Hamilton Microlab 600

Sample testing labs can’t grow their business unless they increase throughput and lower per-sample costs. Labs that have turned to Hamilton’s semi-automation platforms are eliminating costly re-sampling expenses and reducing sample prep time by as much as 50 percent.

Why Choose the Microlab 600?

Ml600 Microlab Overview Accuracy Icon

Accuracy and Precision

The Microlab 600 is a diluting and dispensing system based on Hamilton’s precision syringes. The positive displacement system provides better than 99% accuracy, independent of a liquid's viscosity, vapor pressure, and temperature.
Ml600 Compliance Logging Icon

Compliance and Logging

Hamilton Company introduces the newest feature of the Microlab 600 Advanced – a comprehensive compliance package. This free software update provides a variety of security protections, simplifies adherence to FDA GXP regulations, ability to administer user accounts and passwords, create log files that conform to 21 CFR Part 11, and manage log files on a PC using the LyncStore application.
Ml600 Microlab Overview Security Icon

Process Security

The Microlab 600 automates the pipetting process. Methods established by a lab manager are stored in the controller and are consistently run by all technicians. Eliminate volume adjustment mistakes, variability in technique, and simplify compliance to EPA, FDA (GLP, GMP), and ISO regulations.
Ml600 Microlab Overview Chemical Icon

Chemically Inert

The fluid path for the Microlab 600 is made of borosilicate glass, PTFE, and CTFE, which are resistant to harsh chemicals used in the laboratory. These high quality materials minimize the potential for leaching of metals or other contaminates that can be detected by downstream processes.
Ml600 Language Icon

Language Support

The Microlab 600 now features language support for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.
Ml600 Microlab Overview Calibration Icon

Instrument Calibration

The Microlab 600 is shipped with a calibration certificate traceable to N.I.S.T. standards. Between calibrations the syringe drives and valve motors are monitored by optical encoders ensuring that every dispense is completed accurately and precisely.

Microlab 600 Components

The Controller (Basic/Advanced)

The Microlab 600 controller features a large, easy-to-use touchscreen. A dedicated host USB port enables connection to a keyboard, mouse, printer, and barcode reader. The Controller can come with either basic or advanced software. Upgrading from basic to advanced is as simple as plugging in an SD card.

Learn more about the Basic/Advanced Controller Software

Syringe Pumps and Stepper Motors

The pump unit is the heart of the Microlab 600. The Microlab 600 is available as a single or dual syringe system. The pump unit contains a precision drive motor, the syringe drive mechanism, the valve assembly, syringe selection button, prime button, power button, and hand probe receptacles.

The high torque, precision stepper motors provide unsurpassed positional accuracy across the full range of Hamilton syringes from 10 μl to 50 mL. The instrument communicates with the controller or a computer network via an ethernet port. Serial communication via RS-232 is also possible for programming in a non Windows® environment.

Learn more about the hardware

Bubble Free Prime Syringes

For any syringe pump, the key to achieving the most accurate dispenses is eliminating all air from the fluid path. Traditional syringes trap approximately 50 μL of air between the tip of the syringe and the valve. For small syringes, this trapped air is the last to leave the syringe and the first to be drawn back in, making them difficult if not impossible to prime.

The Bubble Free Prime syringe has a conical plunger tip that extends through the threaded termination and into the valve. This unique design expels the air from the syringe and valve decreasing the number of priming cycles required.

Bubble Free Prime Syringes vs Standard Syringes

Ml600 Dead Volume Old Style
Microlab 600 Bfp New Style
Ml600 Bfp Key
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Specific Applications


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