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INSTINCT S and API Introduction

In this webinar, you will learn basic concepts of Hamilton Storage’s proprietary INSTINCT S software and how it is used to manage an automated storage platform.

SAM HD – The All-In-One Automated Biobank Solution

Please join Hamilton Storage for a live, interactive demonstration of our SAM HD automated biobank storage system.

SAM HD – Advanced Biobanking Features and Functions

Hamilton Storage is pleased to offer this interactive SAM HD webinar to advanced users of the platform who are seeking more knowledge of the system features, and to the more knowledgeable biobanking professional familiar with automated storage.

LabElite – Increase Productivity in Your Lab

Join Hamilton Storage as we explore how integrating automated capping and decapping solutions can optimize laboratory workflows.

Verso Q20 – The Smart Automated Lab Freezer

The novel Verso Q20 is presented and demonstrated live using advanced webinar settings and cameras to provide you a view of the Verso Q20 from all aspects.

Verso – Medium to Large Scale Automated Sample Storage

The Verso is Hamilton’s medium to large scale sample storage system delivering the highest performance in sample management.

BiOS – Transition to Large-Scale Automated Biobanking

Get an overview of the benefits of automated systems for biobanking workflows, best practices for setting up BiOS to achieve the highest efficiency, and a case study of a biorepository utilizing BiOS to achieve research goals.

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